Working with other agencies on the coast this program aims to assist residents acquire the skills for the jobs of tomorrow and for businesses to find workers with the skills they need today.


  • Workforce Development Alliance
    The goal is to bring many Human Resources voices to the table to get people talking, forming partnerships and helping to create an association that can help with promotions, share contacts with one another and share best practices.





  • Advantage Service and Leadership
    “Sunshine Coast Advantage” is a Service and Leadership certification program. The goals of the program are to help Sunshine Coast businesses outperform our regional competitors and to create a business culture that will allow us to recruit the best workers. We believe the way to achieve these goals is for Sunshine Coast businesses to improve their service and leadership skills on a solid values based foundation.
  • Youth Employment Preparation (YEP)
    Using local businesses, SD46 and affiliates will encourage students aged 14-16 to job shadow out in the community with opportunities for mentoring as an employment readiness development program.
  • Youth Entrepreneur Studies (YES)
    This project is a partnership with SD46 high school classes with a leadership focus. The project involves in class business planning and the provision of micro loans to encourage teams of senior students to start a small business with social objectives. At the end of the year, a gala presentation showcases these successes for the community.